Hello, houseguests, it's time for your first HOH competition! Today, you will be playing a game called "Cricket Defend The Wicket," seen here:


Balls will be thrown at your character, and your goal is to get it in the red, orange, yellow, or green zones. As the red zone is higher up, it will be worth more points than lower, safer zones. Your score will be determined by your total number of runs as well as a rough average of your runs per successful hit, but watch out! If one of the balls hits the black and yellow zones or hits the stick behind the character, you will lose the game and must start over. The person with the highest score becomes our first Head of Household!

You will have until 12:00 UTC (8:00 AM Eastern Standard Time) on November 2nd to submit your scores to big.brother.org@mail.com. Remember to send it to the mail, not the gmail adress. Let's play: Cricket Defend The Wicket!