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• 8/23/2014

Winner Announced!

Ryan and Tung, it is now time to reveal the winner of Big Brother 4.
Firstly, Jessy and Eddie have refused to vote. So the rest of the votes will now be revealed...
Julia votes for...

That's one vote Ryan.
Boo votes for...

That's two votes Ryan.
Aaron votes for...

That's three votes Ryan.
Zach votes for...

That's four votes Ryan.
Snakey votes for...


Congratulations to Ryan for winning Big Brother 4 and becoming the fourth victor total!
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• 8/19/2014

Aaron's Jury Speech

"Why am I better than you?"
- Aaron
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• 8/19/2014

Julia's Jury Speech

Okay both of u are baes but there can only be 1 bae. I'll make it simple since I don't really have any questions :p pick a number between 1-300 :)
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• 8/19/2014

Boo's Jury Speech

I just want to start off by saying that this has been a really fun ORG to get to participate in and congratulations to both Tung and Ryan for making it to the end.
Ryan, you were an overall great player this season. You won competitions and you also had a big strategic mindset. My question to you is would you disagree that you were pretty much 100% safe pre-jury due to hiding behind your special veto?
Tung, you were a competition beast, but didn't show much strategy. My question to you is what big moves did you make in this game?
You both played good games and good luck to you both. I will be voting for who I personally think played the best game. :)
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• 8/18/2014

Zach's Jury Speech :p

I want you guys to just talk about all te times I came up in your game (convos, strategy, etc) and what you did at my elim :p good luck
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• 8/18/2014

Jury thingy

heyy, so im not really going to ask yall anything except tung and ryan, did any of you vote to evict me?
and what was ur main strat. gl
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• 8/15/2014

Vote Tung

Hi everyone. Yeah, my name is Tung. Thanks everyone because i have a great summer. I hope after all, everyone will become my friend. ok, it's my speech. Anyway lets get started.
Ok, i want to be honest that. When i was chosen to become a cast for Big Brother ORG wikia 4. I didnt expect to be here today. When 14 people saw each others, i just realized and think "How can i spend all my summer here, with 13 strangers? How?" 
I started the game with messaging Ryan. I want to have someone i really can trust. Yes, First week, maybe immediately, Day 1 or 2. Andrew made an alliance, many people and "our" target are Eddie and Wesley. At that time, i cant understand what was happening. I won First HoH, Andrew told me to put Eddie and Wesley on the block. But... Jessy came and talked to me, her strategy was so cool, so i was thinking , and after all all.... i decided to put Nick and Andrew. Nick won First PoV and Andrew won. 
Some weeks after that, my alliance (me, Ryan, Jessy, Eddie and Wesley) was still good, but after Wesley was evicted. It was done. But i still kept in touch with Ryan. And maybe Jessy. 
After Jessy's gone. I can say i didnt have any alliance with someone except Ryan and Boo. But i still tried to talk with everyone. I dont want to play so bad, i dont want to be a sheep. i tried my best at all challenge i can play. I won totally 4 HoH. Yeah, i know everyone will see me as one of the most dangerous threat in the house. I know that, that why i always always tried my best. But, i think my worst move was put Boo on the block. That why i gave up that PoV. So sorry Jessy, Aaron, Snakey. i cant do nothing to save you at the time you was evicted.
I think i can control my game. Yep. Now, im here. im sitting here. But im sitting here not mean i played better than everyone. I cant say im the best strategist, the most social of butterfiles. Or i cant say im the best although i won the most challenges. Yes, i did that but i only did that to balance my game, control my game. I know everyone had in your mind some ideas about the vote. Maybe for me, maybe for Ryan. I'd love it if you would vote for me, but however you do, I will respect your decision. 100%. If you havent decided yet, please, give me a chance, i want to try to make up your mind. I want to have an opportunity.
Okay, That's all. I hope we can become friend when all of us out of this show. And, see all of you on the other side of that door.
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• 8/15/2014

Vote Ryan

Hey everyone!  It's good to see you all again. First off, shout out to my family and friends back home, hope we gave you guys a lot to talk about and I apologize for anything that embarassed you that I did on the feeds.  Thanks is in order to LukeGeorge Chen for being awesome hosts, and always looking so fresh when we would see you in the DR casting our votes.  Thanks to BB ORG for picking me to spend the summer with some truly amazing people.
I'd be lying if you asked me at the start of the summer if I expected to be here today.  When we first walked in the door to the house, there were several faces that I recognized, and I didn't know how I would necessarily fit in with those who are strangers to me.  I didn't know how much my reputation in previous games would come into play, whether I would be seen as a target right away or not.  So taking the mindset that this is a marathon game, not a sprint, I was going to take things one day a time.
Initially my plan was to lay low with the plotting and scheming, but try to talk with as many people as I could to get a gage on who didn't get along, who did, who didn't seem interested in talking with me, who was playing pool together or lifting weights in the back yard, who was more content to mole away in the HoH room, lock themselves in the DR to talk to LukeGeorge Chen, or who was raiding the kitchen.  I was then going to weigh my options as to whom I thought I could work with the best, keeping mutual interests and goals in mind, and to divide and conquer the side of the house that I didn't think I would be able to work with.  I tried to keep multiple options open, while never wavering from what I thought was my best chance to be safe each week.
I tried hard in every competition I was eligible to participate in.  There were times, however, when not winning was the better choice.  I didn't want to be perceived as a competition beast too early, but turn it on when it counted the most.  I wanted to win what I could when it was appropriate to do so, and try like hell to get sent to the back room to get my hands on whatever it contained.
Speaking of which, I also had an agreement with Tung from Day 1, in order to find the treasure the back room held, in return for him sending me, I would pass along the clues.  Along the way, Zanna was an ally in working for this goal too.  We shared the clues as we got them, and not knowing the limitation of the Platinum Power of Veto being only the person holding it could use it, and only for him/herself, we worked together to find it.  Knowing the power it had, I wanted that blicky for myself, because I knew that eventually, once the opposite side of the house was gone, it would be the only thing that could guarantee safety.It's probably not a shock to most of you that I considered Jessy to be my number one ally from the start, after all we did spend a lot of time on the hammock, and we probably didn't do a great job at keeping the showmance under wraps.  When she left, I was pretty angry because 1. No one gets between me and my girl!! and 2. I didn't see it coming, and it made me question whether or not Zanna was working with people that weren't in our alliance (probably should've mentioned that Jessy and I were working with him as well as Tung). From that point on I didn't feel so bad about withholding a crucial part of a clue that allowed me to find the PPOV.   
Whenever I won HoH, I looked at things from different perspectives relative to the point in the game that I won.  I never made a nomination without thinking of the fallout that could happen.  My view of being the HoH is that I was there to make a decision that the house wanted.  Being in a majority alliance for much of the first part of the game, our interests aligned.  I won only 2 POVs, but the most important one was last week.  I won 3 HoHs, but the most important one, the one so that I would be sure to be sitting here, was one I feel like I needed to win the most.  I didn't come this far to have my game rest in the hands of others-I wanted to be in control of my fate.
So.  Here we are.  I am not going to sit here and say I'm the best BB ORG player since Luke or Sharky.  I don't think I'm the best strategist in the house, or the best comp player or the most social of butterflies.  What I do think is that I used a combination of these aspects to be the most well rounded player in the house this summer.  I was able to get along with most of you, diffuse situations that could've cost me, and did what I thought was necessary to get farther.  I know each of you will most likely have different criteria on which you will use to determine your vote.  I'd love it if you would vote for me, but however you do, I will respect your decision.  If you are undecided, please give me the opportunity to make up your mind for you.  It's time to be an open book, so turn to a page and quiz me on the contents.
It's been a crazy, stressful, and above all fun summer hanging out with you all.  And Jessy boo, see you on the other side of the door!
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• 8/14/2014

Finals Ceremony

Ryan and Tung, the time has come.
You must now prove to the Jury members that you deserve to win this game. You will both make a thread on this forum saying "Vote Ryan" or "Vote Tung". Once both of you have done that, the Jury members must then post "Name's Jury Speech" as a thread. You must answer any questions they have, then the Jury will vote for a winner.

You have 18 hours to make your opening statements, Ryan and Tung.
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• 8/14/2014

Final Eviction Results

*Ryan stands before Boo and Tung*

This was a difficult decision, but after considering this from all angles, I made a deal on day 1, and I'm sticking to it. With that being said, Zanna, I vote to evict you.

With that:
Boo, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Ryan, Tung, congratulations. You have reached the final two and will face the Jury to decide who wins the game.
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• 8/14/2014

Final Eviction Ceremony

Boo, Tung, one of you will be evicted.
Ryan, you must now vote to evict either Boo or Tung. Whoever stays will join Ryan in the final two.

Ryan has 18 hours.
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• 8/13/2014

Final HoH, Part 3 Results

Results are in!
Firstly, here are the answers:
1. 24th
2. 4
3. The Ogre
4. 5
5. The Wonderful World of Auto-tainment
6. Enoch and Elijah
7. Cat
8. Big Brother
9. 3
10. The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine

Here are some simple mistake solutions:
2. Big Brother doesn't count, because it doesn't have a Final Tribal Council.
3. An ogre appears in the fourth comic, and dies in the fifth.
4. One character doesn't appear in person, however, he still sings among the chorus.

By one point...
Ryan wins the final Head of Household!

He has a guaranteed spot in the final two, as well as determines who sits next to him.
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• 8/12/2014

Final HoH, Part 3

Boo, Ryan, welcome to part 3 of the final Head of Household. For this challenge, you are to answer a series of questions. They may or may not be easily found on the internet. The person who gets the most correct will win the final HoH and determine who goes to the final 2.

1. What placement did George get in the Facebook ORG Survivor: Marathon?
2. How many ORGs has Luke reached the Final Tribal Council in?
3. Who was the first Order of the Stick character to appear in more than one comic and die?
4. How many songs in the kid's movie Really Rosie feature the entire movie's cast (people with lines)?
5. Which Veggietales movie featured the song Zacchaeus?
6. Which two Biblical figures never really died (Old Testament)?
7. What is Luke's favorite animal?
8. What does George prefer between Survivor and Big Brother?
9. How many ORGs have George and Luke played together in?
10. What song by Simon and Garfunkel was written while Paul Simon was watching his laundry?

You have 18 hours to submit your answers.
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• 8/12/2014

Final HoH Part 2 Results

With no submissions, the winner of part two has been randomized.

With that, Ryan wins part 2 of the final HoH.

Shortly, Boo and Ryan will face off in part 3 to win Head of Household. It may take a while to be posted, so be patient.
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• 8/11/2014

Final HoH Part 1 Results and Part 2

Here are the correct answers:
Amazing - Ryan (Correct)
Poopy - Boo (Correct)
Gullible - Tung (Correct)
Genius - Ryan (Correct)
Friendly - Ryan (Correct)
Amazing: Ryan (Correct)
Poopy: Tung (Incorrect)
Gullible: Ryan (Incorrect)
Genius: Tung (Incorrect)
Friendly: Boo (Incorrect)
Amazing-Ryan (Correct)
Poopy-Boo (Correct)
Gullible-Tung (Correct)
Genius-Ryan (Correct)
Friendly-Boo (Incorrect)

And with that, Boo wins the first part of HoH!

Ryan and Tung will compete for part 2:
You must play this game on Medium and submit a score within 18 hours:
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• 8/11/2014

Week 11, Final HoH Part 1

Final three, welcome to your final and most important HoH competition!

This is the first part of a three part HoH. The winners of the first two rounds will face off in the third round, to determine who wins the final Head of Household and determines who goes to the final two with them.
For this part, we asked the Jury members to give a word to describe each of you. You will be asked which word you think describes who. The person who gets most correct wins the first part.
Julia used the words Beast, Amazing and G.od. Which one of you do you think is Amazing?
Eddie used the words Crazy, Poopy and Tongue. Which one of you do you think is Poopy?
Jessy used the words Conniving, Loyal and Gullible. Which one of you do you think is Gullible?
Aaron used the words Dominating, Manipulative and Genius. Which of you do you think is Genius?
Zach used the words Fake, Invisible and Friendly. Which of you do you think is Friendly?

You have 18 hours to submit your answers.
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• 8/10/2014

Week 10, Veto Meeting and Eviction

Ryan has won the Diamond Power of Veto. As a result, he may use it to save either himself or Tung.
He has decided... use the Veto...

on himself!

With this, Ryan is the sole voter to evict someone, and Julia by default goes up as a nominee.

Ryan stands before the nominees*

Julia I'm sorry but I cast my vote to evict you.

With that, Julia, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.

We are down to three, and the final three-part HoH is coming up. Congratulations to Boo, Ryan and Tung.
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• 8/10/2014

Week 10, Final PoV Results

Alright! Our judges have seen the logos and determined the winner!



Our Judges:
Adam: Ryan
Andrei: Ryan
Unbiased Judge: Ryan

And with that...
Ryan wins the Diamond Power of Veto!

Ryan, you have 24 hours to decide whether to use it or not.
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• 8/8/2014

Week 10, Final PoV

Welcome to the final Veto competition!
Whoever wins this will have a huge decision to make.
For this challenge, we are going back to 24 hours. Only for this one, though.

For this PoV competition, you are to each make a logo for Big Brother 4. Unlike the last logo-making challenge, this one has to be good. A series of judges will determine the best logo, and the creator will win the Diamond Power of Veto.
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• 8/8/2014

Week 10, Nominations

Boo has made his nominations.

Julia, you are safe.

Boo has nominated Ryan and Tung for eviction.

I have nominated you Gibson and you Tung for eviction. You two are the biggest threats left in this house. Tung, we have worked together in the past but I never fully trusted you. You are my target this week. Ryan, you are a great ally. I wish you both luck in the POV.


The final and most powerful PoV will be posted soon.
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